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Fish, Blood & Bone Organic Plant Food 25KG

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Fish, Blood & Bone Organic Plant Food 25KG
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Fish, Blood & Bone Organic Plant Food 25KG

A general purpose plant food for strong healthy growth

This compound fertiliser contains 5% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphate & 6.5% Potassium

Application Rate: 70g/m2
Bag treats 350m2

Plant food provides a rapid boost to flowers, fruit and vegetables

SHL Fish, Blood & Bone is an organic-based general purpose plant food which provides the major nutrients required for strong healthy growth. It is suitable for use on most types of flowers and ideal for feeding fruit and vegetables. Fish, Blood & Bone provides both a rapid boost and long-lasting results so a single application lasts up to six weeks to keep plants in best condition and encourage flowering.

How to use

Before planting or sowing
1.    Ensure that the area is free of weeds and that the soil is moist
2.    Sprinkle granules evenly over the planting area at a rate of 70g/m2 (2oz/yd2)
3.    Fork in well and water thoroughly if the soil is dry

Feeding established plants
1.    Ensure the area is free of weeds and that the soil is moist
2.    In spring and summer sprinkle granules evenly on to the soil around plants at a rate of 70g/m2 (2oz/yd2), avoiding contact with the plant itself
3.    Water well after feeding
4.    Repeat at intervals of up to 6 weeks for best results

Keep off plant leaves and stems
Do not exceed recommended application rate
Dogs may be attracted to the bonemeal in this product. Avoid use in areas where dogs have access or work the fertiliser into the soil after application and cover with a 5cm (2”) layer of chipped bark, soil improver or similar material
Do not use in areas where cattle, sheep, goats and deer have access

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