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Ecoplug Max (pack of 100)

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Ecoplug Max (pack of 100)
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Ecoplug Max (pack of 100)

Ecoplug Max herbicide application for the control of tree stumps

Active Ingredient: 300mg of granular Glyphosate

MAPP No: 14741
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Suggested safety clothing - safety clothing bundle (see Safety Clothing section or click here)

A tree stump technique releasing glyphosate for the treatment of stumps to minimise root and stump sprouting

Ecoplugs contain 300mg of granular glyphosate, for tree stump control. Ecoplug Max plugs target the root system of treated trees, and are highly effective, delivering 95-100% control of treated tree stumps. Eco plug Max kills the whole root system of targeted trees with no effect on the surrounding trees or vegetation.

Why Ecoplug Max?

  • Single treatment
  • Use all year round
  • No chemical spillage risk
  • Simple to use

By using Ecoplug Max, there is a reduced requirement for follow up treatments, therefore there is a significant reduction in the cost of clearing trees.
Ecoplugs are the ideal method of application for cut stumps: they significantly reduce the risk to the operator and the environment - as there is no risk of spillage, no incorrect doses, no operator exposure and virtually no risk of water pollution.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3
1. Drill the required number of hole(s) in the tree stump (28-32mm deep and 13mm wide) with drillbit*
2. Place the Eco plug Max in the hole, with the thicker end of the plug to the top of the hole
3. Hit the Eco plug Max with a hammer to release the herbicide

*Drillbit for accurate application of ecoplugs, for more information click here

Stump diameter (inches) No. of Ecoplug Max required
4 3
6 4
8 6
10 7
12 8
14 10
20 14

View a video on how Ecoplugs work below:

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