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Ecoplug Max (pack of 100 plugs)Ecoplug Max (pack of 100 plugs)
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Ecoplug Max (pack of 100 plugs)

Self-contained weedkiller capsules for safe, clean treatment of re-growth from tree stumps and roots.

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A tree stump technique releasing glyphosate for the treatment of stumps to minimise root and stump sprouting.

Ecoplugs are a unique product that is designed to minimise operator hazards and provide a safe alternative to painting cut stumps with a liquid solution.

Key points:   

  • Ecoplug Max is proven to have a 95 – 100% success rate on preventing tree stump regrowth
  • Easy to use – drill a 13 mm hole approx. 30-35 mm deep and place ecoplugs every 6-8 cm around the outside of the stump
  • Purpose-made drillbit  for easy application – simply hammer the ecoplug into the drilled hole
  • Ideal for stumps of all broad-leaved trees
  • Ecoplug uses the tree sap to dissolve the granular glyphosate. Works best on freshly cut stumps
  • Ideal for buttress roots protruding above ground, e.g. tree of heaven
  • Successfully prevents re-growth or ‘suckers’ sprouting in the following season after application

Application notes and guidance:
Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil, hard surfaces, all situations.

For more information on controlling tree stumps and woody weeds click here

Contains 680 g/kg glyphosate in water-soluble granules
MAPP 14741
Area of Use Forestry, Industrial
Group 1 - Alder, aspen, beech, birch, elm, lime, maple, mountain ash, willow

1 per stump (3 - 6 cm diameter)

2 per stump (6 - 10 cm diameter)

3 per stump (10 - 14 cm diameter)

4 per stump (14 - 18 cm diameter)

5+ per stump (every 6 - 8 cm diameter extra)

Group 2 - Ash, cherry, bird cherry, oak 1.5 as many as group 1
Group 3 - Poplar Twice as many as group 1

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