Finalsan Plus 5 LFinalsan Plus 5 L
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Finalsan Plus 5 L

Finalsan Plus is a non selective herbicide weeds, mosses and algae. Effects may be seen from one day after treatment. The product is biodegradable and has a good long term effect.

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Moss and weed control approved for a range of applications including paths and amenity vegetation. This all-in-one solution becomes a very cost effective and timely option where compared with using separate weed and moss killing products.

Key points:   

  • Finalsan Plus is unique in controlling both grass/broadleaf weeds but ALSO moss/algae
  • Finalsan is fast acting - at temperatures above 20 ‘C treated weeds turn brown after only a few hours. Even above 10’C, weed discolouration occurs after just 24hrs
  • Finalsan Plus is approved for use in ornamental plant production, amenity vegetation, natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil, algae & moss on paths and open areas, around woody shrubs and established trees.

Top Tip
The dual action weed and moss activity with this product make it the ideal solution for applications to permeable driveways. If you want longer lasting weed control, consider adding to the above suggested rate, 1.5 g of Chikara per 10 L water to cover 100 m2 and enjoy a weed free driveway for many months.  Please note, Chikara must only be used on porous driveways e.g. gravel, and must not be used on non permeable hard surfaces.

Application notes and guidance:

  • Areas treated with Finalsan Plus can be re-entered immediately once treated foliage is dry
  • Deep rooted weeds may need retreating in 30-60 days
  • Whitish coatings may form after use but disappear quickly following rainfall. Other materials should first be tested for compatibility at a place normally hidden from view. Do not use this product on artificial resin plates


Coverage 300 (m2)
0.07 (acres)
Contains Pelargonic Acid and Maleic Hydrazide
MAPP 15147
Area of Use Amenity Vegetation, Horticultural, Natural Surfaces Not Intended To Bear Vegetation, Permeable Surfaces

Hand-held Application Rate

Knapsack rate 1.66 L in 10 L water

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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