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Paddocks & fields

We recognise the difficulties faced by equestrian businesses and by those with domestic paddocks and fields and stock a range of weed control solutions suitable for you.
If in any doubt about what you require, please call our technical helpline (0800 032 6262) or read the individual product label information.

Selective weed killing in grassland

For spot treatment consider:

  • Grazon Pro - ideal for spot treatment of nettles, docks, thistles, brambles, broom and gorse in established grassland

For larger areas:

  • Relay-P - comprehensive weed control. Controls most common weeds. Pack treats 2.5 acres
  • Depitox - general weed control for larger areas. Pack treats 4.5 acres
  • Headland Polo and Thrust - the best solutions for dealing with large areas of ragwort and other weeds. Packs treat 8 and 3.5 acres respectively
  • Pastor - the ideal solution for weed control in new grassland (less than one year old)

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Total weed killing solutions


  • Paddock Royale – maximise you grass production with this compound fertiliser especially blended for paddock use
  • Grasstrac - supplies vital trace elements to grassland and ultimately to grazing livestock. An alternative to lick blocks
  • Paddock Soil Analysis – let the experts diagnose your paddock problems with this detailed soil analysis


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