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Pesticide Application Training, Foundation Module (PA1)

PA1 Foundation Module covers the Safe use of Pesticides, Environmental Factors and Legislation.

Part of the PA1 training teaches you that 'Pesticide' is the umbrella term that covers all herbicide (weedkiller), insecticide and fungicides, plus:

Objectives of this training; the candidate will be able to:

1. Identify those key aspects of legislation which apply to the use of pesticides
2. Identify the precautions necessary to use a product safely, using product label information
3. Identify, select and understand the maintenance and storage of the correct personal protective equipment for use with a particular product as determined by a label and/or COSHH risk assessment. Follow appropriate personal hygiene procedures to prevent personal contamination. Follow the appropriate procedures for dealing with accidental personal contamination.
4. Understand the correct procedures for the storage of pesticides.
5. Understand the correct procedures for the disposal of empty pesticide containers, surplus pesticide and washings.
6. Understand the records that must be kept.
7. Understand the situations where pesticide application may pose a risk to people or the environment

Please note you will need to attend training and pass an assessment for an application unit (for example PA2 or PA6) in addition to the PA1. For more information, please contact us.
Please select your preferred area to view a list of available dates. Local accommodation is available if required.


Foundation Module (PA1)

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