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Stem InjectorDos Pro for Japanese Knotweed

Stem InjectorDos Pro injection kit for the control Japanese Knotweed. New improved design for the professional user and contractor. Now comes in a handy robust carry case.

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The NEW version of the tried and trusted InjectorDos Pro offers a high quality durable stainless steel construction with the facility to ‘dial-in’ a pre-determined metred volume of spray liquid ready for dispensing. In addition to the design improvements the Injector Dos Pro also comes in a robust carry case meaning all your stem injection kit is in one place.

The Injector Dos Pro is suitable for injecting herbicide, usually an undiluted herbicide, containing glyphosate e.g. Roundup ProBio or Roundup Pro Biactive 450, into the stem of hollow stemmed weeds e.g. Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica). This injection should take place between the second and third nodes using a one shot dose of undiluted herbicide. Whilst highly successful in controlling Japanese knotweed the InjectorDos Pro can also be used to control giant hogweed (Heracleum Mantegazzanium) and Himalayan balsam (Impatiens Glandulifera).

Key benefits of the InjectorDos Pro:

  • Hand operated, easy to use, lightweight design
  • Safe and effective with no loss of product to the environment
  • Adjustable metred dose – 0.1 to 2 ml/shot
  • Ideal for weed control by sensitive areas (e.g. close to watercourses*) or where adjacent plants need to be preserved and spraying is unsuitable
  • Straight forward to clean and maintain
  • Chemical resistant seals
  • 1L backpack, c/w shoulder strap and funnel
  • Contains two needles – one longer one for initial weed treatment and a finer needle for re-growth treatment

NB: *When spraying near to watercourses please consult and follow Environment Agency guidelines


  • Weight (empty)* - 475 g
  • Weight (full)* - 1475 g
  • Volume per shot - 0.1 - 2 ml
  • Total capacity - 1L *complete with tubing and one litre bottle

Designed the professional and high levels of use in mind
Built to withstand the rigours of repetitive and frequent use the InjectorDos Pro offers a safe and effective means to treating weeds. The newly designed ergonomic handle also reduces the physical strains felt from continuous stem injection treatment.

Supplied with two needles

  • Regular needle – slightly thicker, designed to penetrate the tough mature stems of Japanese knotweed with minimal effort
  • Fine need – designed for follow-up treatment of young re-growth Spare needles – replacement needles are also available

Easy to fill & clean
Not only man enough for heavy use this product also offers the benefits of a quick refill process with the one litre backpack being refilled via a length of hose. To disconnect the backpack from the applicator the liquid supply can simply be cut off using in-line tap. The stem injector is also easy to clean and features chemical resistant seals, which extends the products lifespan and usage .

Fully serviceable
For extended product lifespan the InjectorDos Pro service kit contains all the seals, springs and valves used inside the applicator. This kit allows the user to replace the worn parts without the need to purchase a new unit – unlike other makes.

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