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Thrust 5 LThrust 5 L
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Thrust 5 L

Best treatment for tough grassland perennial weeds like ragwort, docks and thistles.

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Thrust offers excellent selective control of annual and broad-leaved weeds in grassland and amenity grassland – especially ragwort.

Unique combination of two active ingredients and use in amenity or agricultural grassland make it extremely versatile and effective.

Key points:   

  • Excellent for ragwort and thistles
  • Safe for grass
  • Rainfast in 12 hours
  • Application by knapsack or tractor/ boom spray
  • Grazing animal exclusion: 14 days
  • Two applications allowed per year
  • Apply ‘medium’ spray as defined by BCPC

Application notes and guidance:

  • Ragwort is best treated in rosette stage – before flowering. Dead ragwort is poisonous to grazing animals and should be removed
  • Safe for pets once dry
  • If recently grazed or mown – allow 2 weeks before applying Thrust
  • Allow at least 4 days after application before rolling/ mowing
Coverage 7,140 - 14,285 (m2)
1.76 - 3.53 (acres)
Contains 344 g/L 2,4-D and 120 g/L dicamba
MAPP 15408
Area of Use Amenity Grassland, Grass Leys, Grassland, Grassland/Paddocks, Permanent Pasture

Hand-held Application Rate

Annual and perennial grassland weeds 175 ml in 10 L water

Boomspray Application Rate

Annual and perennial grassland weeds 3.5 L/ha in 100 - 400 L water

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