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Amvista ResistorAmvista Resistor
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Amvista Resistor - Plant & Vegetable Disease Protector 250g

Amvista Resistor protects plants & vegetables from common fungal diseases eg potato blight, rose black spot, box blight (buxus) etc

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A non-pesticidal plant nutrient biostimulant to protect and improve resistance to common fungal diseases e.g. box blight (buxus), potato blight and rose black spot.

Amvista Resistor is a combination of three key organic nutrients & trace elements that combine to prevent the attack and spread of disease pathogens.

Can be applied to a wide range of plants, vegetables (including potatoes), ornamental plants and hedging including (leylandii).

Key Benefits:

  • Naturally occurring ingredients combine to form a powerful biostimulant effect.
  • Non pesticide natural option
  • Anti-fungal properties inhibit the spread of fungal pathogens
  • Reduces reliance on traditional fungicides
  • Protectant properties when sprayed before the first signs of disease
  • Provides green-up of treated crop foliage

Application Advice:

  • Dissolve 250g sachet in 25 litres water to cover 1000m2
  • Apply a fine-medium spray quality and thoroughly coat plant foliage - both top & undersides of leaves
  • Spray to the point of run-off so leaves are coated but not dripping
  • Repeat at 7-14 day intervals

Hand-held Spray Application Rate

Area of Use Knapsack Rate
Potatoes, tomatoes & other vegetables.
Small fruit trees, Buxus, roseacae (roses), ornamentals, leylandii
250g  in 25 L water.
(Spray thoroughly to the point of runoff)