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Asulox 5 L bracken controlAsulox 5 L bracken control
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Asulox 5 L bracken control Asulox 20 L bracken control

Asulox - Bracken Specific Weed Killer

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Asulox bracken control has proven itself over many years as the market leading product for controlling bracken.

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Containing the active ingredient Asulam this herbicide controls bracken by being translocated throughout the plant and down to the root.  

When Asulox is applied there are generally no immediate signs of die back, but the following season there will virtually be no bracken re-growth.  It recommended that a programme of follow up sprays are done with Asulox in the following calendar year, as this can greatly extend the period that the land is bracken free.

 Asulox is currently only available under an Emergency Authorisation which is reviewed annually.  However due to strong support from the Environment Agency and the Butterfly Conservation Trust there is hope that this may be overturned in the future.

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Please note: In order to enhance the validity of the Emergency Approval the manufacturer will not supply bottles until nearer the first allowable spray date (July 1st). Orders placed now will be fulfilled in late June. If you do not wish your account to be debited immediately please contact us:  0800 032 6262  or email

Key Emergency Approval Dates for Asulox 2019


 Monday 20th May 2019

  Emergency Authorisation Starts (120 days)
  Asulox can be sold, stored and transported - but not used/applied
 Monday 1st July 2019
  Asulox can start to be used/applied
 Monday 16th September 2019  
  Asulox can no longer be sold, but can continue to be use/applied and stored 

 Thursday 31st October 2019


 All Asulox must be used/applied by this date or returned to the supplier


Bracken control herbicide

Key points:  

  • Knapsack treatment is suitable where bracken is up to waist height
  • Bracken should be treated in full frond (all fronds fully expanded) but before yellowing (start of senescence). Normally this will be within the period from July to late August (early August in Northern Britain)
  • The addition of an adjuvant enhance the uptake of ASULOX by the bracken fronds thereby improving reliability under adverse conditions
  • We recommended the adjuvant Impetus which should be used at 0.1% of spray 20ml Impetus per 20l water
  • Asulox use can be visually identified by using Amvista Blue Marker Dye so you can see where you have sprayed. Simply added to the spray tank and mix with the Asulox plus Impetus
  • Herbicide symptoms are virtually absent in the year of spraying (due to the onset of senescence)
  • The fronds must not be damaged by livestock, frost or by cutting before treatment. Do not treat bracken affected by late frosts (bronzed and stunted fronds)
  • At least 6 weeks should elapse between applying Asulox and sowing or planting any subsequent crop
  • For best results allow a 24 hours rain-free period after application
  • Asulox contains the same active ingredients as previous products Asulam and BrackN
  • More information is available on bracken control at the Bracken Control Group

Application notes and guidance:

  • Apply on a dry day preferably withour rain for 24 hours.
  • Knapsack nozzles should be suitable for a medium or coarse spray
  • Only one application should be made per year
  • The approval for use of Asulox on docks has been withdrawn
  • The approval for use of Asulox in weedwipers and drift sprayers has been withdrawn
  • Do not cut the bracken or admit livestock for at least 28 days after treatment

Please take time to read our "By Problem" page on bracken control for more information

Coverage 5,000 (5 L) (m2)
1.24 (5 L) (acres)
Contains 400 g/L asulam
MAPP 13175
Area of Use Agricultural, Forestry, Grassland, Horticultural, Moorland

Hand-held Application Rate

Bracken 200 ml to 20 L water

Boomspray Application Rate

Bracken 11 L/ha in 400 - 500 L/ha water

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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