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Barrier H 5 L ragwort control no gunBarrier H 5 L ragwort control no gun
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Barrier H 5 L ragwort control with gun Barrier H 5 L ragwort control no gun

Barrier H 5 L - Natural Ragwort Control

Barrier H weed killer gives fast knockdown of ragwort year round

No mixing needed - ready to use Barrier H will control ragwort in paddocks & amenity grassland

NOTE: Barrier H is available with an applicator gun or without

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Barrier H herbicide controls ragwort fast. A highly versatile organic weed killer Barrier H can also be used for controlling broad-leaved weeds.

Barrier H is mainly used for the troublesome weed ragwort, which can kill horses and is often difficult to control by cultural methods alone. It's an environmentally friendly natural weed killer and uses the natural plant extract citronella to give a total weed kill right down to the roots.*

Barrier H weed killer is highly flexible and can be applied year round, at all plant growth stages, even when the ragwort is flowering!

Coverage:                 Up to approx. 200 large plants or 1,600 seedlings      

Ragwort spray weed killer

Key points:  

  • Kills broad-leaved weeds including ragwort (can be applied year round to ragwort)
  • Fast acting - small ragwort rosettes show signs of death within hours
  • Ready to use - can be supplied with a handy spot-spray gun. Simply attaches directly to the 5 L bottle
  • Can be sprayed onto ragwort flowerheads to stop the flowering - seeding process & spread
  • Fast kill – apply thoroughly to leaves until the point of run-off 
  • Citronella oil is a natural extract, distilled from the grass: cymbopogon winterianus
  • Reapply as necessary
  • Avoid drift or spraying onto grass
  • Often used by Councils, Highways and Network Rail for control of ragwort

* Sprayed when very young

Application notes and guidance:

  • Accidental drift or spraying on grass may cause temporary bleaching but most species will recover quickly
  • After the application of Barrier H ragwort killer, we recommend that animals are kept from away from grazing grassland and paddocks for up to 2 weeks. Do not put grazing animals back until the ragwort is completely dead and any rotting plants are removed. This is not because Barrier H is hazardous, but because dying ragwort becomes more palatable and dangerous to grazing animals.
  • The ragwort root is the last part of the ragwort plant to die, so take care to not remove any dead plant tops too soon.

Recommended safety clothing / PPE as per the MSDS; protective gloves, eye protection

Coverage 200 large plants or 1600 Seedlings (m2)
Contains 22.9% w/w Citronella Oil Java Type
MAPP 17145
Area of Use Amenity Grassland, Grassland, Non Crop Areas

Hand-held Application Rate

Ragwort & broad-leaved weeds Ready to use

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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