Control Japanese Knotweed with Loram 24

If you are looking for a product to get rid of hard to control weeds then there is nothing quite like Loram 24

Still key in the marketplace, this product offers excellent efficacy against a wide range of problem weeds, when applied as a foliar treatment.

"Weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed, which are prolific and highly invasive, really do need the right product to get effective control," explains Robert Boothman, director of Progreen Weed Control Solutions. "There is never a "silver bullet" when it comes to Japanese Knotweed Treatment, but Loram 24 is still considered as the best treatment for this difficult to control weed. This is where Loram 24 scores over other treatments which may require five or more applications over several years to get the same level of control."

Loram 24 should be sprayed at 5.6 litres/ha when weeds are actively growing and before they get too big. With Japanese Knotweed being so prolific - growing up to 10 cms a day - if it does get too big then the advice is to cut the weed back, and re-treat the re-growth when it is a more manageable size (approximately 1 metre high).

The product is rapidly absorbed by the foliage and roots of the weeds and translocated, or moved, throughout the plant causing disruption in the plant's growth and ultimate weed kill. Loram 24 also offers additional environmental benefits. It is safe to grasses, which encourages the re-colonisation of the natural flora and prevents any erosion, this is particularly important in areas such as embankments on the railways and highways. It also helps in the management of habitats, providing and safeguarding wildlife corridors, as well as helping to generate a bio-diverse environment.

Japanese Knotweed has emerged early this year across the country. We recommend you start planning control with Loram 24 now.

Loram 24 is available in 1ltr and 5ltr containers. Buy online here