Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser

Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser
What is Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser?

Fish, Blood and Bone fertiliser is an organic-based general purpose plant food which provides the major nutrients required for strong and healthy growth.

Many plants benefit from this fertiliser for example most types of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Fish, Blood and Bone provides both a boost to plants and gives long-lasting results. A single application can last up to six weeks keeping plants in the best condition and encouraging flowering – giving a long slow release of nutrients

How to use Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser

Using this product couldn’t be easier and it can be introduced in the preparation of soil for new planting or to support already established plants. There are a few simple steps to follow depending on when you are applying the Fish Blood & Bone Slow Release Fertiliser.

Applying before planting or sowing seeds:

  1. Make sure that the area you are wanting to fertilise is free of weeds and that the soil is moist
  2. Sprinkle the Fish, Blood and Bone fertiliser granules evenly over the planting area at a rate of 70 grams per m2
  3. Fork or rake the granules in well and water the area again thoroughly if the soil has dried

Applying to established plants:

  1. Ensure that the area around the plants is weed free and the soil is moist
  2. In spring and summer, sprinkle the Fish, Blood and Bone granules evenly on the soil around the plants at a rate of 70 grams per m2 making sure that you avoid contact with the plants themselves
  3. Water the area well after feeding
  4. Repeat the process at intervals of up to 6 weeks for best results
What is Fish Blood & Bone good for?

Fish blood & bone is ideal for many plants – as this powder based fertiliser helps due to its nutrients to support all types of plants.  The phosphate encourages strong roots & the nitrogen promotes healthy green foliage & potash boots flower colours and ripening vegetables & fruit as well as encouraging continual flowering. This product is a real all-rounder for every gardener and highly flexible as it can be used on shrubs, vegetables, root crops & herbaceous plants.

How much Fish Blood & Bone should I apply?

Fish, blood and bone is generally applied at around 70g/sq m when used around established plants.  All you need to do is sprinkle it around the base of the established plant & lightly rake or fork it in.

Things to remember when using Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser

Many people ask if Fish Blood and Bone is safe for cats and dogs.  The basics that apply are that is that due to the bonemeal in this product, dogs may be attracted to the areas where it has been applied. Therefore use should be ideally be avoided where dogs and cats have access or the alternative is to work the fish, blood and bone fertiliser into the soil after application and cover with a 5cm layer of bark chip, soil improver or similar product to ensure the fertiliser is no longer on top of the ground.

This product should also not be used in areas where cattle, sheep, goats and deer have access due to the animal derivatives that Fish, Blood and Bone Fertiliser contains.  Always read the label for clarification.