Grazon 90 Manure Management

Warnings stated on Grazon 90 Product Label detailing the use of animal manure derived from animals grazing on Grazon 90 treated land

Grazon 90 residues in plant tissues which have not completely decayed may affect succeeding susceptible crops eg peas, beans and other legumes, carrots and Umbelliferae, potatoes and tomatoes, lettuce and other Compositae.

Do not plant susceptible autumn-sown crops (eg winter beans) in the same year as treatment with Grazon 90. Where susceptible crops are to be planted in the spring do not apply Grazon 90 later than the end of July of the previous year.

Following good agricultural practice ensure that plant remains have completely decayed before planting susceptible crops.

Do not use any plant material treated with Grazon 90 for composting or mulching.

Do not use manure from animals fed on crops treated with Grazon 90 for composting.