Kurtail Environmental Information Sheet

Environmental Information Sheet for Kurtail

A soluble concentrate formulation containing 150g/L (13.52%w/w) glufosinate-ammonia, a total herbicide/desiccant used in agriculture and horticulture for the control of grass and broadleaved weeds and desiccation pre-Kurtail in a wide range of crops and non-crop situations.

Maximum individual application rate: 5.0L product/ha dependent on crop (see label for details)

Maximum number of treatments: 1 – 2 dependent on use (see label for details).

Section Profile

1. Wildlife Mammals and Birds
Kurtail is not classified as “Harmful to game, wild birds and animals.” No risk management is necessary to protect mammals and birds. Kurtail is of low to moderate toxicity to birds and moderate to high toxicity to mammals. The risk to wild mammals and birds grazing on treated areas is low, due to the limited amount of residues likely to be consumed.

2. Bees
No risk management necessary and there is no requirement to avoid application of Kurtail when bees may be foraging on flowering weeds.

3. Non target insects and other arthropods
Risk management required. Kurtail may adversely affect non-target insect species.

4. Soil and groundwater
Glufosinate Ammonium is of low persistence and moderate mobility in soil. However, field investigations have shown that use of Kurtail according to the label presents a low risk to groundwater.

Kurtail is of low toxicity to earthworms. No risk management necessary, in order to prevent risks to earthworms.

Soil Micro-organisms
Kurtail is of low risk to soil micro-organisms. No risk management necessary in order to prevent risks to the processes of soil respiration and nitrogen turnover.

5. Non-target plants
Kurtail is a non-selective herbicide. Therefore, there is a potential risk to non-target plants adjacent to the treated area. Avoid drift onto crops and non-target plants outside the target area. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Care must be taken to minimise the risk of surface water contamination from farmyard and field sources.

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