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New product for 2013 - Turf out weeds with Polax!

Turf out weeds with Polax

Controls difficult weeds including Slender speedwell in lawns and turf

Polax combines three powerful active ingredients fluroxypyr, florasulam and clopyralid, offering a broad spectrum of activity. Polax offers outstanding control not only on the everyday species but this combination of ingredients is especially powerful on tricky weeds such as slender speedwell, creeping buttercup, self-heal and ribwort plantain.

Polax has full approval on lawns, amenity turf and amenity grassland giving it access to all key areas of use and has the advantage of being rainfast one hour after spraying.  Polax is unique in being a 0.5l pack so the unit cost is much more affordable in these tough economic times.

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