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Progreen launch new range of bespoke fertilisers

Progreen launch new range of bespoke fertilisers

Progreen Weed Control has launched a new range of bespoke, compound fertilisers for the home and professional user. The strength of compound fertilisers lies in their uniformity of application with no streaking or overdosing common in blended fertilisers.

The range of AMVISTA fertilisers are grouped under an easy to follow sequence, numbered from 1 to 5. They are based upon common requirements from those who like to maintain a quality lawn to contractors and maintenance professionals who may need a compact range of products to offer clients throughout the year.

The tailored range is formulated for release over a 6-8week period to suit key times in the lawn care calendar, e.g.; Amvista no.1 Lawnsand: a very high iron, low Nitrogen lawn sand to tackle moss and green up tired turf in early spring or Amvista no.5 Autumn & Winter: a high Phosphorous and Potassium content to emphasise turf health and rooting over growth. Progreen has added micronutrients and trace elements to compliment the action of N, P & K in order to make the grass more healthy as well as making it grow, such as seaweed extract and added calcium for strengthening leaf cell walls, in Amvista no.3: Feed, weed and mosskiller, or added Magnesium (improves chlorophyll production) & iron in Amvista no.3 Spring & summer.

Sometimes there is just too much choice – Amvista exclusively available from Progreen makes it easy.