Providing Your Soil With the Correct Nutrients

Providing Your Soil With the Correct Nutrients

The importance of good soil and a healthy pH for growing plants, or turf, is often overlooked. Healthy soils ensure that plants will be provided with all the nutrients they need to survive. The biggest three nutrients for plant growth are: (N) Nitrogen (P) Phosphorus and (K) Potassium. Other important nutrients are calcium, magnesium, sulphur and trace elements of iron, manganese, zinc and copper.

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1. Nitrogen – Gives plants protein to produce new tissue. Make sure your plant doesn’t get too much protein as it can actually inhibit growth due to the plant not receiving any other crucial nutrients.
2. Phosphorus – Stimulates root growth and transports energy from one area of the plant to another. In order for a plant to absorb phosphorus, a soil pH of 6.5 to 6.8 is ideal.
3. Potassium – Forms strong cells, regulates plant temperature and enables the plant to cope with cold, heat or disease better.
4. Calcium- Main constituent of cell membranes and helps with the transport of nutrients.
5. Magnesium- Without it, the plant cannot process sunlight, helps with winter hardiness & promotes early growth.
6. Sulphur - Essential link in the process of 14 different types of plant growth protein.

Soil analyses are typically used for grazing paddocks, hay crops, lawns, turf or vegetables and are highly recommended if you want to improve your soils’ condition and growing capabilities.
After sending you a ‘kit’ and the necessary information we recommend that soil samples are taken in a “W” shape across the area you are testing, this ensures you get a full bag and accurate results. The soil sample is sent to a laboratory and you will receive your results alongside a recommendation for suitable products & quantities to apply. A UKA accredited soil analysis cannot only help you with providing the correct remedies for your soil, but it can save you money by eliminating excess or incorrect products.

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