Revoked chemicals update

Revoked chemicals update


We all know that chemical products are getting revoked all the time & it can get confusing as to what is happening.

So to keep you up to date here is a list of products that we have stocked which have expired, or their approvals are expiring for storage and use.


There are often alternatives available generally with the same or similar name (e.g. Blaster now Blaster Pro) but remember it is worth checking before using them as there can sometimes be: -

  • Changes in dilution rates, fields of use, ways of application or the active ingredients have been changed or slightly changed.

If you are unsure what product to use instead or just want information on approvals we're always happy to help and point people in the right direction even if the products are not ones we currently supply.

For instance the closest alternative to Tordon is possibly ProShield as it has a contact and residual effect but Proshield's actives are NOT the same as Tordon - so there may be slight differences in result and application use. Sadly (as it was a great favourite) there is currently no direct replacement for Tordon with the same active of picloram.

It is important to note that it is illegal to use, or even store product where the approval has expired

Here are some of our products that are currently in the process of revokation and the product that have replaced them or suggestion to alternatives.

Product MAPP Expiry date for storage and use Replacement/possible alternative
Blaster 13267 30th June 2014 Blaster Pro
Finale 10092 12th November 2014 Kurtail (NB: active stronger in Kurtail)
Grazon 90 13117 30th June 2014 Grazon Pro
Timbrel 05815 30th November 2014 Kaskara or SBK (NB: actives different)
Tordon 22K 05083 30th June 2015 Proshield (NB: good covereage different actives, some people using Kaskara as alternative)

PASTOR MAPP no 11168

This has approval until 31st October 2019 with the same MAPP number. However there have been some changes to the label. These changes restrict its use to established grassland between 1st March & 31st October and use through a knapsack is no longer permitted.


This has received re-registration & due to a number of label changes a new MAPP number: Thistlex MAPP 16123.  The previous approval under the old MAPP number, Thistlex MAPP 1153 is subject to the following revocation dates:

  • the disposal, storage and use of existing stocks will end on 31st August 2014

You can always check the CRD website for more information on products and what usage

Or contact us if you need to: freephone 0800 032 6262 or email i[email protected]

We hope you find this of use....and as always before you start anything make sure you read the label before use