An Introduction To Softwashing

An Introduction To Softwashing

What is softwashing?

Softwashing is an effective, innovative way of cleaning moss, algae and lichen (sometimes referred to as biofilm) from a variety of outdoor surfaces. Instead of relying on high-pressure sprayers, this method uses specially formulated cleaning solutions to break down the dirt and grime. Through efficient and safe application, softwashing can help restore your outdoor spaces back to their original glory!

Why is softwashing preferred to normal pressure washing?

Softwashing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for cleaning hard surfaces, such as roof tiles, due to the minimal risk of damage that comes with it. At its core, softwashing uses low-pressure spraying and cleaning solutions such as AlgoClear Pro that don't strip away protective coatings. Additionally, biocides are commonly used in softwashing to clean porous surfaces while providing lasting control.

What equipment and products should I use to softwash?

At ProGreen we offer a range of biocides suitable for softwashing including the industry leader AlgoClear. Take a look below at the different products that we stock:

In order to successfully apply softwash solution you will need:


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