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Time to control bracken - with Asulox

Time to control bracken - with Asulox

Control Bracken Now - Asulox on sale for a limited period

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The Asulox season is in full swing now, the supply of both 5L & 20L bottles has been completed, it’s time for the bracken spraying to begin in earnest. Asulox is THE solution for such an invasive and injurious weed that can swamp grazing pasture and harbour pests such as the ticks which transmit Lyme’s disease. You may already be aware of the special status accorded to Asulox and the Emergency Approval under which its sale and usage are strictly limited. We are only able to sell this product until September 11th 2016 with all Asulox product used up by the end of October.

Bracken control should be approached as part of a sustained programme of treatment – Asulox works through the sprayed leaves into the rhizomes (roots) of the plant to prevent re-growth in spring. Of course bracken is best treated before it naturally begins to yellow and die back (senescence) but results can be seen with reduced bracken numbers in the year following treatment.

Progreen can supply Asulox nationwide with courier delivery to your door. If you have a large spraying requirement or just need advice on all manner of weed control please contact our sales team and BASIS qualified technical advisors.

Discounts available on bulk orders & trade accounts available on request.