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Chafer Beetle TrapChafer Beetle Trap
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Chafer Grub Chafer Beetle Trap with pheromone attractant for capturing adults Chafer Bug

Chafer Beetle Trap – catch adult chafer grub pheromone lure

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Chafer grub, chafer beetle or chafer bug can be trapped using a biological pest control pheromone to attract and trap adult garden chafer. This organic solution is an effective method of biological pest control and can be used with our nematode solutions.

This trap is supplied in the favoured yellow colour for attracting adult beetles

Use for early warning of beetle activity and egg-laying in order to target larvae infestations quickly and effectively plus effectively removes potential egg-laying female beetle thereby reducing future numbers too

Once the Garden Chafer beetles fly to the trap (usually mid May - late July) this trap indicates the need to treat with a biological control agent such Nematrident C (warm temperatures) or CT Plus (cooler temperatures).

How the Chafer Trap works:

The trap is specifically designed to capture chafer beetles (Phyllopertha horticola) and is a crucial part of detecting and monitoring Chafer beetle numbers.

It attracts the chafers over a surrounding area of approximately 2000 m2 (depending on prevailing wind strength & direction) when they emerge as new adults and on their return to lay eggs in the soil. The beetle flies towards the lure, hits the yellow panels and falls down the cone into the collector base, below. They cannot get out.

Application Instructions:

  • Put the trap in high risk or previously affected areas and leave in position until the chafers disappear (usually late July)
  • Place either at approx. 1m height to catch flying beetles or dig a shallow hole and place in the ground at intervals. The more traps used - the better to trap a representative quantity of adult beetles
  • Normally chafer beetles appear around the third week of May
    • This date may vary slightly according to warmer or colder weather conditions

At the beginning of chafer flight, it is advised to manage the trap twice weekly. In later weeks, the frequency of control should be adapted to the number of chafers being caught with the trap.

The trap can be re-used for many years; the pheromone lure lasts approx. 6 weeks and should be replaced. It can be bought separately.

If a catch of notable numbers of chafer adult beetles is made, then treat the lawn with nematodes in the period between mid-July to end of September

The trap can be used for many years. After the end of the chafer beetle flight the trap should be taken indoors where it can be stored without exposure to sun or temperatures below freezing.

The unopened, sealed pheromone lure bottle should be stored in a cool place. Stored correctly it has a shelf life of one year.

How to position the Chafer Trap

Lawns Position the trap directly on the surface. To maintain its upright position it is advisable to use the enclosed cable binder to attach the trap to a stick or a small pole. Alternatively, the trap can be kept from falling over by inserting a stone or any other heavy object into the trapping bottle.
Turf Position straight on the ground. Fix trap to a stick with two cable binders (stick not included).
Trees & Bushes Position the trap in a height of 50 - 150 cm above ground. It is advisable to position the trap a few metres away from the trees or bushes in order to avoid coincidental attraction of stray chafers into your cultures. However, the trap must be near enough that the smell of the attractant disperses over your culture.
Rose Bushes Attach to a branch in the bush

Please refer to the Product Label for further information & assembly instructions

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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