Asulox 2019 Product Update

Bracken Control with Asulox

A special offering for Bracken control – on sale for a limited period


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Bracken is a very invasive plant that has many significant detrimental health effects for animals and humans. The foliage harbours pests such as ticks which transmit Lyme’s disease and spores which have been linked to cancer.

It is very invasive and swamps grazing land or grassland areas with ease and often in very inaccessible areas; hillsides, forests, upland moors. Asulox remains the only product approved for helicopter application in the UK & Northern Ireland.

You may already be aware of the special status accorded to Asulox and the Emergency Approval which limits its sale and usage to strictly to defined months every year. The full list of timings for 2019 are below.

Bracken control should be tackled with a view to a sustained, ongoing programme of treatment, not just a one-off. Asulox works through the sprayed leaves into the rhizomes (roots) of the plant to prevent re-growth in spring. No spraying is allowed before July 1st and must only be attempted on fully expanded, green bracken in its full flush of growth – well before it naturally begins to yellow and die back (senescence).

Asulox Bracken Spraying Stages
Results are shown the next year by reduced re-growth.

Available in 5 L & 20 L bottle sizes Asulox remains the pre-eminent product for treating bracken. For more information on the use of Asulam check our website or for bracken information or further reading is available from The Bracken Control Group

ProGreen can supply Asulox nationwide with courier delivery to your door. If you have a large spraying requirement or just need advice on all manner of weed control please contact our sales team and BASIS qualified technical advisors.

Discounts available on bulk orders & trade accounts available on request.

This year Asulox is available to order until Mon 16th Sept 2019

Key Emergency Approval Dates for Asulox 2019

  Monday 20th May 2019     Emergency Authorisation Starts (120 days) 
  Asulox can be sold, stored and transported – but not used/applied  
  Monday 1st July 2019     Asulox can start to be used/applied  
  Monday 16th September 2019     Asulox can no longer be sold, but can continue to be use/applied and stored  
  Thursday 31st October 2019     All Asulox must be used/applied by this date or returned to the supplier