Nematodes for Chafer Grub & Leatherjacket

Nematodes – Dealing with soil grubs & damaged turf

The last two seasons have seen a marked rise in the awareness of Chafer grubs and Leatherjacket larvae. Unfortunately this has been in line with the increase in turf damage caused by these pests. The withdrawal from use of common insecticides such as Merit Turf and Chlorpyrifos has forced everyone to look for alternatives for affected grassland and turf where the first warning is usually the pecking, ripping and tearing by hungry badgers, crows and foxes. Massive damage is caused by these hungry animals searching for grubs in the soil, so treatment is a priority.

Chafer Grub & Leatherjacket Treatment with Nematodes

Nematode treatment is a viable proposition for all turf and grassland protection. NemaTrident offers nematodes in different pack sizes to suit lawns, paddocks and larger sports pitches. There are different Nematode combinations to tackle multiple grub threats:
NemaTrident Nematodes

  • Chafer beetle : Chafer grubs
  • Mayfly (Daddy long-legs): Leatherjacket larvae
  • Vine Weevil: Vine Weevil larvae

The end of chemical treatments requires a shift in treatment method and mindset when it comes to tackling these pests.

Key Points for Biological Pest Control with Nematodes:

  • No qualifications or licences are required to apply the NemaTrident nematodes so homeowners, gardeners, contractors and greenkeepers have a choice of pack sizes available to suit their needs.
  • Chafer Beetle Traps are an essential parts of the process. Not only do they give early warning of activity but capturing adult females will significantly reduce any larvae that needs to be treated
  • Soil temperature and moisture is key to effective control. Check your soil temperature with a Soil Probe Thermometer.
  • Correct identification of the pest. Specific nematodes work for specific pests at different times of year. ProGreen can help identify the species so cameras at the ready..!

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Chafer GrubLeatherjacket

  • Aeration – aerating the turf prior to applying nematodes helps get them down to the rootzone where the larvae are likely to be feeding on roots.
  • Over watering is not an issue. The more water that is applied before, during and after application the better.

For more help on applying Nematodes see our product listing for Chafer Grubs, Leatherjackets or Vine Weevil. Or read our in-depth guides on how to control Chafer Grub & Leatherjacket for further information.