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Dagato Weeder & Bundle

The Dagato Weeder is a new, environmentally friendly innovation in handheld weed control allowing users to control weeds amongst other plants cleanly and precisely.

Purchase the Dagato Weeder individually or take advantage of the bundle offer: Dagato Weeder + Gallup Home & Garden + Ultranitrile Gloves - Save 22%*

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The Dagato Weeder is a new concept and innovation in weed control. A unique, clever tool - it is a very useful addition to every gardener and homeowner.

The hand weeder is light, easy to use and looks like a pair of tongs to apply the product of choice directly to the target. Perfect to pick out weeds or grasses in a mixed border, growing in grass, twining up a tree trunk or among shrubs

Environmentally firendly: Direct, targeted application reduces the amount of pesticide used, plus eliminates contamination of surrounding plants and soil.

The Dagato hand weeder has a built-in reservoir for the herbicide - squeeze the tongs together to wet the sponges, place around the weed then slide it up to cover the leaf surface. Use glyphosate or other suitable products.

Special Bundle offer contains: Dagato Weeder + Gallup Home & Garden glyphosate (1 L) + Ultranitrile gloves

To use the Dagato Weeder applicator:

  1. Simply fill the reservoir with 25ml of chosen product (correctly diluted if necessary according to herbicide manufacturer’s instructions).
  2. Depress the tongs together until a ‘click’ is heard and hold closed for 10 seconds.
  3. Grip the leaf or weed between the sponges and draw upwards - covering the leaf.
  4. Repeat process for continued applications. 

Key features: 

  • Environmentally friendly - targets the specific problem and therefore uses less product
  • Solid construction - no moving parts and corrosion resistant
  • Treatment through direct contact - the applicator is pressed onto the weed
  • No waste of herbicide on the ground or other plants
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 25ml measuring cup also included

Take advantage of the bundle offer which includes Gallup glyphosate & Ultranitrile chemical gloves

Gallup Home & Garden weedkiller:

  • Kills annual and deep rooted perennial weeds, including grasses, dandelions, docks, nettles, bindweed, willowherb, ground elder and many more
  • Gallup bio-degrades in the soil without leaving residues
  • Systemic, translocated total weedkiller -  absorbed by the leaves and distributed throughout the weed, reaching down to the roots
  • Rainfast within 6 hours
  • Suitable for spot spraying on hard surfaces
  • Safe for children and animals once the spray solution has dried

Gallup Home & Garden is not residual - meaning it does not stay in the soil or prevent future weeds from growing

Heavy duty nitrile gloves combining tough chemical and wear resistance with a comfortable ergonomic design for daily use.  

Chemical resistant gloves

  • Cotton flock-lined interior
  • Gives increased comfort when worn for longer periods of time and reduces perspiration.
  • Nitrile material
  • Tougher than rubber with no risk of hypersensitivity to latex
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, abrasions, cuts, tears and punctures
  • Strong protection against most solvents including petroleum and animal fats used in heavy duty industrial applications
  • Long cuff length
  • 320 mm long for a better arm protection
  • Complies with HSE requirements
  • 0.5mm thick

*Save 22% when compared to purchasing individual items (Dagato Weeder, Gallup Home & Garden 1 L, Ultranitrile Gloves) separately

To use the Dagato Weeder applicator:

  1. Simply fill the reservoir with 25ml of chosen product (correctly diluted if necessary according to herbicide manufacturer’s instructions).
  2. Depress the tongs together until a ‘click’ is heard (if hard of hearing then until you see the tong sponges pressed together) and hold closed for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the tongs.
  4. Apply directly to the weed/leaf, wipe the target area.
  5. Repeat process for continued applications.

Gallup Home & Garden 1 L - Hand-held Application Rate

Dilution Rate 24 ml in 1 L water

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

View FileGallup Home & Garden 1 L Safety Sheet    Size: (163.96 KB)
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