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Cooper Pegler Cone Spray ShieldCooper Pegler Cone Spray Shield
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Cooper Pegler Cone Spray Shield 741721

Cooper Pegler CP3 Cone or Spot Treatment Spray Shield is ideal for spot treating weeds in flower beds, around plants and shrubs. Vital for avoiding spray drift and ensuring accurate, on target spraying.

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This compact cone spray shield (18cm diameter.) is ideal for spot treatment of weeds where drift is thought to be a risk. Particularly useful in flower beds, around plants and shrubs. It certainly minimises the chance of drift and ensures greater targeted hit rate on weeds – giving more reliable weed control outcomes.

Key points:

  • Reduces drift, delivers accurate spray onto targeted weeds
  • Suitable for use in flower beds, around shrubs and plants where drift may cause issues
  • 18 cm diameter - fits all Cooper Pegler sprayers with GRP (plastic) triggers
  • Spray guard kit includes filter, grey cone nozzle and cap, retaining nut

Weight:              400 g

Dimensions:      18 cm diameter

Want to spray along paths or between crop rows?
We would recommend using the Cooper Pegler Spray Shield - 38 cm in width this wider spray guard is ideal for these situations. Giving you the same benefits of a cone spray shield such as the reduction of drift onto other areas and an increased spray rate onto targeted weeds.

Want make sure you are applying the correct dose? Want to save money?
Then a pressure regulator such as the Cooper Pegler Constant Pressure Valve could be what you need. Using this product ensures spray droplets are consistent in size, allowing them to successfully reach the target weeds and settle on them as run off is minimised which will in turn give savings on product costs.

Cooper Pegler Cone Spray Shield 741721 is rated 5.00 stars by Progreen Weed Control Solutions customers based on 2 product reviews