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Cooper Pegler CP3 Spray ShieldCooper Pegler CP3 Spray Shield
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Cooper Pegler CP3 Spray Shield 741647

Cooper Pegler CP3 Spray Shield Kit - Vital for avoiding spray drift and ensuring accurate on target spraying

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A wide shield such as the 38 cm Cooper Pegler Spray Shield Kit is ideal for spraying along paths or between crop rows, such as in vineyards, plantations or horticultural situations. Helping to spray safely, efficiently and reducing the chance of drift onto non-targeted areas.

Key points:

  • Ideal for accurate spraying between plant rows and along paths
  • 38 cm long spray shield suitable for the CP15, CP3 2000 series and CP Classic
  • Fits all Cooper Pegler sprayers with GRP (plastic) triggers
  • Spray guard includes 03 flat fan nozzle, nozzle cap, filter and retaining nut

Weight:                400g

Dimensions:      38 cm long x 10.5 cm wide x 16 cm high

Controlling weeds around plants and flowers and shrubs?
In this situation it is recommended to use a more compact style round shield such as the Cooper Pegler Cone Spray Shield Kit (18 cm in diameter). This again will reduce the risk of drift onto neighbouring plants and ensure more targeted coverage.

Want to ensure you apply the correct dose and save money? Think about using a pressure regulator
To ensure that you get good coverage, there needs to be enough spray droplets to effectively reach the targeted weeds and then settle there. Using a pressure regulator – takes the guess work out of this. A constant pressure valve will ensure the optimum droplet size is achieved which results in reduced drift, the prevention of run off and savings on product used.


Please note these products will not fit the KS16 knapsack

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