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Cooper Pegler Classic Series Lower End Pack 750403

Replacement parts diaphragm and major internal components

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The Cooper Pegler Lower End Pack (part no. 750403) comprises the main parts to replace and repair the diaphragm or lower end of a Classic series knapsack.

The CP range and the Classic Series in particular are very easy to maintain. Even major parts are easy to replace and not too fiddly.

Pack includes:

  • New green flexible diaphragm with pre-fitted black holder (part 334722)
  • Plastic diaphragm clamp ring (part: 334701)
  • New cylinder liner with rubber o-ring (part: 730325)
  • Stainless screws to fix

This pack is suitable where a knapsack has been damaged, punctured, is losing pressure gradually, leaking fluid and commonly when it has not been
used for some time and the diaphragm becomes brittle. Knapsacks may be affected when left for long periods in extremes of temperature - cold and direct sun.