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EZ Baiting box for rodent control baits

EZ Baiting station allows easy, clean and safe rodent control using different types of bait

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EZ Baiter is a multi-purpose baiting station for all types of rodent control bait formulations

  • Bait station makes using loose rodent bait cleaner and safer. Guards against accidental non-target species consumption
  • Designed to mimic natural rat runs, dark tunnels and burrows
  • Two clear vertical tubes allow an easy fill using loose grain and easy visual reference of bait consumption
  • Two metal spikes sit inside the tube for wax blocks or pegging down bait sachets
  • Site EZ Baiter along known rodent routes, against walls
  • Rats are neophobic and dislike new 'things'. Allow time for familiarity before using bait inside
  • Sachets & wax blocks must be secured to prevent 'hoarding' in burrrows

Suitable for amateur or professional bait formulations

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