From knapsack sprayers, to weed wipes, granule spreaders and stem injectors using the right application equipment is vital to getting the best results.

Stocking a wide range of professional and domestic knapsack sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and weed control equipment Progreen has a product for all situations.

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  1. PG25 Broadcast Spreader Product Code: PG25BROADCAST

    £80.00 + VAT £96.00 inc VAT
    Semi-pro broadcast granule spreader for grass seed, fertiliser or salt - 25kg capacity. Ideal for the keen gardener, light-duty commercial work or amenity sports.
  2. On Sale
    Safety Clothing Bundle

    Safety Clothing Bundle Product Code: SAFETY

    Regular Price: £31.79

    Special Price £22.55 + VAT £27.06 inc VAT

    Safety clothing bundle includes: face shield, particle mask, disposable coverall and nitrile gloves. Save 15% when purchasing the safety clothing bundle!

  3. 5 L Amvista Pressure sprayer Product Code: 5LPRESSSPRAY

    £13.25 + VAT £15.90 inc VAT

    5L Compression Sprayer - robust and easy to use at home or for work.

  4. Tecnoma Comfort Knapsack Sprayer Product Code: TECNOMA

    £51.00 + VAT £61.20 inc VAT

    Tecnoma Pulsar 'Comfort' knapsack for professional or amateur use

  5. Mesto RS Series Knapsack Sprayer Product Code: MESTOSPR

    £85.50 + VAT £102.60 inc VAT

    Mesto knapsack sprayer packed full of unique features and well-designed reliability

  6. Weedstick+ Product Code: DOTDABWEEDSTICK

    £24.75 + VAT £29.70 inc VAT

    Handheld Weedstick+  a unique tool for safe, accurate and targeted treatment of common weeds in lawns, paths, patios and flowerbeds.

  7. Cooper Pegler CP3 Evolution Knapsack 20 L 848255 Product Code: CP3EVOLUTION

    £121.00 + VAT £145.20 inc VAT

    A comfortable quality knapsack sprayer, 20 litre capacity

    The CP3 'Evolution' Knapsack is the big brother to the CP15 Evolution

  8. Berthoud Vermorel 3000 - Electric Knapsack Product Code: BERTHOUD3000ELEC

    £380.00 + VAT £456.00 inc VAT

    BRAND NEW - battery powered electric knapsack sprayer. Comfort, control and no pumping. Released August 2017

  9. EM 90 L ATV Trailer Sprayer Product Code: EM90TRAILERSPRAYER

    £255.00 + VAT £306.00 inc VAT

    90 L spray tank with trailer for towing and spraying

  10. EM 90 L ATV Spray Tank Product Code: EM90TANK

    £175.00 + VAT £210.00 inc VAT

    90 L spray tank mounts on ATV's, quad bikes and small farm vehicles for smaller spraying jobs

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