Amvista Liquid Slow Release FertiliserAmvista Liquid Slow Release Fertiliser
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Amvista Liquid Slow-Release Fertiliser 15-0-10 +Fe, 10 L

Slow release liquid fertiliser with added iron for greening up grass & turf

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Amvista Turf Boost Slow-Release Liquid Fertiliser is ideal for many grass types and situations.

A great combination of nutrients makes it usable almost all year round. Added iron increases green colouring to all turf types. 

Liquid fertilisers are diluted with water and sprayed on for quicker effect than using granules. They are also ideal for dry weather conditions when granules will not break down and for low-CEC (sandy soils) where nutrients would be washed away too quickly. 

Variable rate of application gives the user unbeatable flexibility for targeted feeding.


  • Slow release nitrogen provides steady growth rather than a sudden burst
  • Added Trace Elements
  • Balanced nutrients for all turf & grass types
  • Low salt and pH neutral formulation for improved uptake
  • Use a high water volume rate for foliar & soil absorption. Low rates are ideal for quicker results through leaf uptake
  • Ideal for dry soils & low rainfall conditions
  • 10 L covers approx 4000m2 or one acre


  • Apply a water rate suitable for the time of year and desired result
  • Use a high water volume on longer grass
  • Apply with a medium to coarse spray
  • Repeat every 6 weeks during the growing season
Analysis 15-0-10 +Fe
Application Rate Variable (refer to chart)
Coverage 4,046 (m2)
1 (acres)
Granule/Liquid Liquid
Granule Size (mm) N/A
Longevity 8 - 12 weeks
Pack Size 10 L

Application Rate:

Application Method Low Rate High Rate
Knapsack 400 - 800 ml in 10 L water 1.25 - 2.5 L in 10 L water
Boom sprayer 25 L/ha in 300 - 600 L water 75 L/ha in 300 - 600 L water

Product Usage Calendar

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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