Calcium Lime GranulesCalcium Lime Granules
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Calcium Calcifert Lime Granules 25 kg

Calcium Lime Granules 25 kg

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Granulated Lime is used to neutralise soil acidity and increase pH. High Calcium content that is essential for plant & grass growth and controlling plant temperature.

Cost effective: Strong, natural formulation means less product required

Calcium Lime Granules are available in easy to use 25kg bags in any quantity you need, from 1-1000!

Discounts available for purchasing 10 bags or more

  • Strong formulation - 54% Neutralising Value (NV) means fast pH change.
  • No specialist equipment required - push spreaders upto farm machinery.
  • The granules are formulated to be regular in size & shape from 2-5mm for ease of application
  • Lime for grass, lawns and approved for organic farming systems; grassland, cereals, forestry and fruit
  • Pelletised lime is suitable for spreading year-round
  • 100% British mined & made 
  • Low dust formulation

NB: Also available in a mini granule in 20kg size bags for closely mown grass, eg: sports turf, bowling greens, golf greens, etc

Quantities to neutralise soil acidity will depend on soil pH. Use Calcifert lime in conjunction with our soil analysis reports

Calcifert granular lime should be stored off the floor in a cool, dry place. 

AnalysisNv 54, 39% Ca
Application RateVariable (refer to chart)
Coverage Variable (refer to chart) (m2)
Variable (refer to chart) (acres)
Granule Size (mm)2-5mm
Longevity4 - 6 weeks
Pack Size 25 kg

Application Rate

Bag numbers will depend on soil type. Requirements for pH change depend on existing soil pH

Paddocks and grazing2 - 4  25 kg bags per acre
pH change10 - 14  25 kg bags per acre

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