Fertilisers are designed to give plants the nutrients they need to grow, helping you to achieve results equal to professional lawn care, fantastic vegetables, blooming flowers or healthy balanced paddocks.

Be it grass, vegetables or flowers, all plants need a good supply of basic nutrition e.g. nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulphur. Secondary nutrients (often called trace elements) also play a key role in how well a plant can grow.

There are 2 approaches to deciding which fertiliser you need. Option 1. Use general fertilisers that contain a balance of the above nutrients, or Option 2. undertake a soil analysis prior to applying fertiliser and let our technical advisers provide you with an exact interpretation of what is needed.

If time allows, Option 2. will ensure nutrients are not being applied that are already present and the overall balance of a soil can be assessed.

Fertilisers are usually supplied in Spreadable Granules or Spray-able Liquid. Granules usually allow higher rates of nutrients to be applied, whilst liquids often have more specialist roles e.g. restoring/improving plant health or applying applying trace elements.

At Progreen we have a massive selection of fertilisers to choose from and now also offer some Bulk Bag (600kg) soultions for larger users with handling equipment.

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