Fertilisers are designed to give plants the nutrients that they need to grow, helping you to achieve results, equal to professional lawn care, fantastic vegetables or blooming flowers.

Fertilisers not only help to improve your plant’s growth but will also help to improve cropping yields and their ability to withstand unpredictable weather patterns.

They usually come in a granule, liquid or powder form and can provide essential nutrients immediately or over time for slow but steady growth. It is often personal preference to which one you use but nutrient analysis is varied to suit different needs and situations.

We stock perfect all-rounders as well as specialised fertilisers specifically formulated for vegetables, lawn, or flowers.

Paddock, hay-crop or grazing grassland needs special attention. Combine a soil analysis result with our specialised paddock fertiliser products and experience in this sector to increase hay yield or encourage grass growth in a healthy manner.

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