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Amvista Bio RootzoneAmvista Bio Rootzone
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Amvista Bio Rootzone: Nutrients & Mycorrhizal Soil Conditioner, 20 kg

Special blend of seaweed, volcanic minerals & mycorrhizal fungi for excellent plant establishment and stress tolerance

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Amvista Bio Rootzone combines beneficial microbes with minerals, fulvic and humic acids. Micro-nutrients from seaweed provide continuous release into the surrounding soil. Most plants utilise mycorrhizae in the soil & roots but these can be destroyed by repeated fungicide use, excess phosphorous fertiliser or soil that has been dug over (e.g. allotments, new builds).

Mycorrhizal fungi increase root surface area and act like a hoover sucking in nutrients & moisture from a wider area than normal roots - even in low pH (acidic) soils.

Why do I need it?

  • Special blend of mycorrhizal fungi - safe for humans but required by plants, trees and shrubs.
  • Establish grass quicker - especially on poorer soils, low pH soils or after digging and soil turning
  • Protect sports turf or lawns by helping them withstand drought & disease stress
  • Ideal for turfgrass - add to soil when sowing seed
  • Increase rootmass and water uptake
  • Comes as a powder - spread mixed with top dressing or carrying medium (soil, sand)

Increase the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from the soil, add beneficial fungi so disease carrying spores cannot take hold & improve a plants ability to resist stress through drought or disease.

  • Simply spread Amvista BioRootzone on the soil and work in
  • Works best in warm soils with good (not excessive) moisture


Appplication Rate:  

5 g per m2

20 kg per acre

500 kg per hectare


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