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Amvista Modify 3 kgAmvista Modify 3 kg
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Amvista Modify 3 kg

Mini sulphur pastilles to acidify alkaline soils - Exclusive to ProGreen

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Amvista Modify's compound mini pastille, containing sulphur, offers quicker breakdown, rapid soil acidification and results.

  • Acidifies soils
  • Adjusts pH

Amvista Modify is used to acidify or lower the pH of soils to encourage plants and grasses that thrive in slightly acidic soils. These plants could include roses, camellias, azaleas and hydrangeas.

The product was developed for the agricultural industry for arable and pasture soil amendment. The pastille size is much smaller than standard elemental sulphur pastilles (which are primarily used for nutrient purposes) and consequently Modify has a much greater surface area of product exposed to the soil water and soil bacteria which speeds up its effect.

The product contains 90% elemental sulphur together with a clay based biding agent to help with accurate product application.

Modify is applied initially at the 3kg/10m2 application rate to the soil surface at any time of the year. We suggest that they can be very lightly incorporated as required, but try to leave product within 1cm of the soil surface. The elemental sulphur pastilles are then broken down over the following weeks from their inert elemental form to the water soluble sulphate form whereby the soil water will be acidified. Typically, a pH drop of at least 1 point can be achieved.

We suggest that maintenance doses of 1.5 - 3kg / 10m2 are applied at least annually and twice a year where large drops in pH are required.

Modify will also supply high doses of sulphur for nutrient purposes which may well benefit the lighter, low organic matter free draining soils.

Analysis90% elemental sulphur
Application Rate3 kg to cover approx. 10m2
Coverage 10 (m2)
0 (acres)
Granule Size (mm)1 - 2 mm
Longevityup to 26 weeks
Pack Size 3 kg

Hand-held Application Rate

Cultivated plants & grassland3 kg to cover approx. 10m2

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