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Maxicrop Concentrate 10 LMaxicrop Concentrate 10 L
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Maxicrop Concentrate 10 L

Maxicrop Concentrate 10 L. Suitable for use on all lawns, paddocks and turf areas as a growth stimulant.

Is approved as an organic feed by The Soil Association.

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Maxicrop Concentrate 10 L is an organic pure seaweed liquid concentrate suitable for use on all lawns, grassland and turf areas.

Active Ingredient:             24% Soluble Seaweed

Soil Association - organic approval.

Maxicrop Concentrate contains 24% soluble seaweed solids and is suitable for use on all lawns and turf areas as a growth stimulant.

It can be used where it is desirable to minimise pesticide or fertiliser inputs or as part of a bio-stimulant programme.

Proven to stimulate microbial activity in the soil for healthier grass that can withstand stress & disease much better.

Maxicrop Concentrate is suitable for regular, low-dose application on grazing grassland or paddocks

Analysis24% Soluble Seaweed
Application Rate10 L/ha
Coverage 10,000 (m2)
2.5 (acres)
Granule Size (mm)n/a
Longevity4 weeks
Pack Size 12.5 kg 10 L

Hand-held Application Rate


Lawns 10 L/ha in 10-1100 L water or 1 L in 5-110 L water
Paddocks reseeding  1 L/ha in 10-1100 L water
Paddock grazing 1 L/ha every 4-6 weeks
Hay crop 2 L/ha 4 weeks prior to cutting

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