Amvista Sulphate of Potash 25 kgAmvista Sulphate of Potash 25 kg
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Amvista Sulphate of Potash 25 kg

Excellent fertiliser for lawns, paddocks and vegetable plots low in potassium

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Amvista Sulphate of Potash high strength potassium fertiliser.

Contains: 50% Potassium, no Nitrogen or Phosphorous

  • Potassium promotes strong cell walls within the plant and leaf
  • Increases ability for plants to cope with stress such as: cold, heat, disease
  • Essential for good flowering and fruiting in vegetable and fruit crops
  • Works in tandem with Magnesium
  • Bonus of sulphur - ideal for grassland and grazing
  • Potassium is easily leached from soil after heavy cropping, grazing or excess rainfall
  • Insufficient potassium will affect grass growth in lawns and paddocks
  • Use caution to apply the correct rate depending on the crop
Analysis0% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorous, 50% Potassium
Application Rate15 - 30 g/m²
Coverage 600 (m2)
No (acres)
Granule Size (mm)2 - 3 mm
Pack Size 25 kg

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*KEY - Green = suggested period of use. *Avoid frosts

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