Autumn & Winter Fertiliser

Autumn winter fertilisers prepare a lawn to better withstand the colder winter months. Autumn/winter fertilisers will typically be low in nitrogen and phosphate but higher potash, iron and other nutrients designed to harden a turf. Autumn Winter fertilisers vary in concentration and how quickly they release their nutrients.

Amvista G9 is a our standard autumn/winter fertilser, releasing it's nutrients over 6-8 weeks, so can be applied more than once over autumn and winter if required.

Amvista G8 is our 2.5x stronger autumn/winter fertiliser and lasts 4-5 months, lasting through till spring so only ever applied once!

We have also have a liquid iron option, Amvista L2 containing iron, sulphur and nitrogen for turf hardening and deterring moss (but low in other nutrients)

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