Autumn Lawn Fertilisers - Lawn Care and Maintenance

Autumn Lawn Fertilisers - Lawn Care and Maintenance

Autumn lawn fertilisers prepare turf to better withstand the colder winter months. Autumn fertilisers will typically be low in nitrogen and phosphate but high in potash and other turf hardening nutrients eg iron & magnesium.

Autumn and Winter Lawn Fertiliser Products

Amvista G9 is the classic autumn lawn feed, releasing nutrients over 6-8 weeks, so can be applied more than once over the autumn/winter period.

The higher strength option G8 Long Life Lawn Fertiliser is resin treated, ensuring a single application of this 2.5x stronger product, releases nutrients evenly over 4-5 months, ensuring your grass remains healthy right through winter & into Spring.

If a liquid, option is preferred, the the Amvista L2 autumn grass fertiliser containing iron, sulphur and nitrogen will harden turf & deter moss.

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Autumn and Winter Lawn Fertiliser Equipment

If you are looking for the right equipment to get an even spread of fertiliser, check out our range of fertiliser and seed spreaders.

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