If you're looking to create a wildflower meadow, ProGreen stock a range of wildflower mixes perfect for anyone wanting to establish a wild flower feature area. Whether you're planting wildflowers for bees, butterflies or just growing wildflowers for your own enjoyment - we have a diverse selection. This includes perennial wildflowers that not only give colour in the first year but also colour in subsequent years.

Our wildflower seed mixes are specially selected for a wide range of soils to produce an abundance of colour and are environmentally friendly - promoting insect biodiversity. Look at the content of the seed types for each product, we have highlighted those which contain yellow rattle, the king of the wildflower meadow which is semi-parasitic to grasses, feeding off the nearby roots of grass types. The wild meadow seed mixes are all varieties of English Native wildflowers.

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  1. Annual Only Mixture (2)
  2. Annual & Perennial Mixture (8)
  3. Bee Friendly (4)
  4. Butterfly Friendly (4)
  5. Easy to Grow & Establish (4)
  6. Sow in Spring or Autumn (7)
  7. Includes Yellow Rattle (5)
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  1. Less Cutting (1)
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  1. 100% UK Native Wildflowers (9)
  2. Wildflowers with Grass (2)
  3. Browntop Bent (3)
  4. Chewings Fescue (3)
  5. Chicory (8)
  6. Crested Dogstail (3)
  7. Meadow Fescue (1)
  8. Meadow Foxtail (3)
  9. Slender Creeping Red Fescue (3)
  10. Sweet Vernal Grass (3)
  11. Timothy (2)
  12. Yellow Oat Grass (3)
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