Artificial Grass Cleaners

Whilst not commonly known, moss can build up on artificial grass surfaces like it can on many other artificial hard surfaces. Moss growing on an artificial lawn can be treated as if you were cleaning moss off of any other outdoor surface. We would recommend that you use one of our artificial grass cleaners that are ideal for this situation. 

Our Artificial Grass Cleaner Products 

When it comes to cleaning moss on artificial surfaces such as artificial grass, artificial grass cleaners like AlgoClear Pro will get the job done as well as being useful for cleaning moss on decking and artificial sports pitches. Using this along with regular brushing will ensure that your artificial turf / grass and surfaces will be kept biofilm free for a period of time. 

Equipment We Recommend

When it comes to applying artificial grass cleaners there are a couple of application methods that can be used. At ProGreen we offer a wide range of equipment that can be useful for this task. To begin with, our dosing box is ideal for professionals who are cleaning these areas on a regular basis making the whole process a lot easier. If you are using any grass cleaner less frequently, then our overall kit contains everything you will need to get started.

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