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Outdoor Disinfectants

There are a variety of different outdoor disinfectants available at ProGreen all with varying different uses. Our products range from offering disease control in farms, arboricultural equipment to general hard surfaces.

Popular Disinfectant Products

Outdoor disinfectants such as FAM 30 are ideal for ensuring areas like bio secure sheds on farms are kept up to the hygiene standard. These products meet and are approved for use to get rid of certain diseases such as foot and mouth disease. Propellar is another popular product and is used to disinfect arboricultural equipment to prevent the spread of fungal pathogens that could cause problems in plants such as box blight.

Equipment You Can Use With These

Depending on the outdoor disinfectant that you are using you would need slightly different equipment. When it comes to using solutions such as FAM 30, this can be used in different ways, for example it could be used as a boot/foot wash which would require a disinfectant mat and tray. On the other hand, products such as AlgoClear Pro would need to be applied using softwashing equipment as it is a general hard surface cleaner.

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