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Icade Weed Killer 1 LIcade Weed Killer 1 L
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Icade 1 L - Selective Herbicide for Tough Woody Weeds

Tough, selective weedkiller for woody weeds in amenity & industrial areas & safe to grass

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Selective weed killer for controlling woody weeds, including Brambles, Japanese Knotweed, Hogweed and Buddleia in amenity & industrial areas.

Icade is an advanced herbicide formulated for the control of deep–rooted perennial, woody and invasive weeds.

Icade is safe for use on grass in amenity and industrial areas (not for use on lawns) & can be used in public areas for the control of many difficult, problem weeds.

Key Points:

  • Effective against Brambles, Japanese Knotweed, Hogweed and Buddleia
  • Systemic action, translocated from leaf to root to fully control weeds
  • Also controls: Gorse, Rosebay Willowherb, Giant Hogweed, nettles, & thistles
  • Applied via boom or knapsack sprayer
  • Rainfast in 1 hour
  • Amenity label, for areas such as; parkland, cemeteries, under powerlines, rough ground
  • Not to be used on agricultural or grazing land, lawns and airfields. Cuttings from treated grass must not be used for mulching or composting.
  • Always follow the product label

Coverage: Up to 5,000 m2

Active Ingredients: Triclopyr, Aminopyralid

Coverage 5000 (m2)
1.25 (acres)
Contains 12 g ae/L aminopyralid (present as 23.08 g/L aminopyralid triisopropanolammonium salt) + 120 g ae/L triclopyr (present as 167.36 g/L triclopyr triethylammonium)
MAPP 16182
Area of Use Amenity Grassland, Areas Not Intended To Bear Vegetation, Non Crop Areas

Tractor Mounted Boom Spray

Weeds Rate of use L/ha Optimum timing of Application
Bramble 4.0 Growing strongly but under 50cm
Nettle 2.0 Growing strongly, early-mid season
Mugwort 4.0 Less than 70cm
Creeping Thistle 4.0 Less than 70cm
Hogweed 4.0 Less than 70cm
Rosebay Willowherb 4.0 Growing strongly, under 15cm

Knapsack Use

Weeds Rate of use ml/ 10L Optimum timing of Application
Bramble 150 Upto 1 metre high
Broom 200 Upto 1 metre high
Buddleia 200 Upto 1 metre high
Gorse 150 Upto 1 metre high
Japanese Knotweed 200 1 metre high, with good foliage and after flowering

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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