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KPlus+ 250 ml water conditionerKPlus+ 250 ml water conditioner
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KPlus+ 250ML

Water conditioner for herbicides in hard water areas - get better results - quicker.

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Kplus Hard Water Conditioner

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Ideal for use in hard water areas where rapid results are required. Hard water 'locks up' the herbicide into an unusable form - typically losing more than 20% effectiveness.

Contains:                40% ammonium Sulphate

Hard water conditioner for herbicides

Key points: 

  • Unique water conditioner containing 40% w/w activated ammonium sulphate in a specialist formulation ensuring increased activity from glyphosate and other pesticides affected by hard water; such as Kurtail Evo
  • Improves rainfastness and quicker knockdown of weeds

HANDY TIP: Add KPlus+ to the water BEFORE adding the herbicide

KPlus+ is a water conditioner that ensures efficient plant action of pesticides and improves rainfastness. Water usually makes up over 95% of a spray solution, therefore it can have a huge impact on spray results. Hard water normally contains high levels of calcium. With some herbicides, high levels of calcium can render herbicides ineffective. KPlus+ 250ml is a spray water conditioner, specially developed to improve herbicide results - just add 100ml to an 20L knapsack BEFORE adding your herbicide. It acidifies spray water, offers better leaf coverage and improves herbicide uptake in the target weed. It also means increased rainfastness and faster weed knockdown.

KPlus+ Adjuvant Application Rate
(NB: add Kplus+ to the water in your sprayer BEFORE the Kurtail Gold)

Max spray concentration  0.5%
Example application rate 100 ml in 20 L of water

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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