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MetaClear - Removes Black Fungal Staining on Walls, Render & Masonry

For removing black discolouration from render and masonry. Brush on and rinse off this non penetrating, fast acting, low odour gel solution to restore surfaces to a pristine state.


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£15.81 + VAT £18.97 inc VAT

MetaClear is a strong alkali gel, containing sodium hypochlorite, used for controlled cleaning of dark black fungal staining discolorations on render and masonry. MetaClear is formulated as a high adhesion gel with viscose properties to stay where applied on vertical surfaces.

  • It does not penetrate render porosity and is active where needed - at the surface.
  • The gel prevents evaporation.
  • Stabilises the active surface concentration throughout the process.
  • Provides dwell time. This in turn gives a new flexibility in the sequencing of the works, particularly when applying from an aerial platform.
  • The gel lubricates the surface when brushed, limiting the risk of scuffing on powdery surfaces.
  • It is low odour and rinses readily.

Application on render and masonry work:

Surface preparation: If the initial biofilm is thick and long established, reduce it’s mass by brushing with a light solution of Algoclear® Pro followed by rinsing or steaming.
On self-coloured render, if fungal metabolites are prominent over large areas, use Metaclear as the primary treatment. An application of Algoclear can follow if algal discolouration remain.
For renders where algal discolourations are dominant, use Metaclear after the algal biofilm has been treated with Algoclear. Apply on a dry surface.

Application on window sills, cornices and in particular wall copings:

The metabolites are best removed by brush. The coverage decreases to 3 to 4 m2 per litre. If sprayed, leave to dwell 10 to 15 minutes and agitate with a soft brush to renew the active interface if the layer is deep. Leave to dwell long enough to have the desired effects and collect with a squeegee and/or rinse. Renew the application if necessary.

Application Guidance

  • Do not dilute
  • Apply by brush, roller or low pressure spray
    • The thinnest film is achieved using a low pressure fed roller. This is often the most efficient way of applying Metaclear on render. An application rate of 8 m2 per litre is achievable. After 10 minutes dwell time a soft brushing will rejuvenate the active surface. Another 10 minutes should complete the work. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.
  • Lance Applications - MetaClear gel viscosity is adjusted to pumping using a low pressure battery powered pump commonly used in the window cleaning industry. An electric sprayer unit with 2 litres per minutes flow at a pressure of 5 bars will power the gel along a 7 metre pole into a brush or roller. A professional hand sprayer has enough pressure to dispense the gel through a short water fed pole. Brushes fitted with fan jets are most appropriate to applying Metaclear with a water fed pole.
    • Spraying Metaclear -this is possible using a small nozzle eg size 2 or equivalent used for spraying fertiliser. The spray head manufactured by TVSP has a set of 6 nozzles for all common applications, including accurate pole spraying of Metaclear. The gel has adhesive properties and plasticity on impact. It does not splash back or stray easily. It does not evaporate. A thin film is required. Extra thickness serves little purpose. PPE must be worn and all risks correctly anticipated.
  • Tubing size All application tests are carried out using an 8 mm internal diameter tubing and high flow poppet valves. Back pressure increases rapidly at thinner tubing sizes. The outside diameter is 12 mm, braided polyurethane. Connectors Conventional brass ball connectors do not perform when carrying gel. Test hose connectors before work.
  • Working from an aerial platform A short pole and the appropriate head makes a difference to a task otherwise taxing for the operative. A professional electric or hand sprayer fits safely in the basket. End of work cleaning and thorough rinsing of equipment is imperative with Metaclear. The push-in fittings inspected and a spare at hand. Sodium hypochlorite can deteriorate them. Connectors should be specifically washed. Protect adjacent plants if at risk (particularly when rinsing) by mean of a light geotextile
  • Substrate/air temperature +5℃ to +30℃


  • Substrate moisture should be generally dry
  • Not intended as a surface biocide.
  • Avoid release in the environment.
  • Keep in a dry ventilated place (between 5℃ and 30℃).
  • Storage: 3 months following the production date when kept in the original unopened container.

Composition Mixture

  • Containing sodium hypochlorite solution Cl Active and a proprietary excipient. Viscous, colourless.
  • Odour Chlorine. VOC content: 0.0g/l.
  • Density 1.07 g/cm3 (20 °C). pH: 11.6 @ 1% Soln.
  • Chemical resistance Metaclear should not be in contact with other chemicals.


Wear protective gloves, visor or large goggles and appropriate clothing whilst using the product. Dispose of the contaminated gel safely, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
Respiratory Protection: No special respiratory protection equipment is needed.
Hand Protection: Wear domestic gloves.
Skin Protection: Wear protective clothing over exposed areas of skin.
Eye Protection: Wear safety goggles or a sprayer’s visor.
If swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Contact a doctor or a specialist.
Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for Health & Safety.

Application rates for MetaClear using a brush, roller or low pressure sprayer

On Masonry & Renders Up to 8m2/L MetaClear (undiluted)
On Windowsills, Cornices & Copings Up to 4m2/L MetaClear (undiluted)

Rinse off after required dwell time

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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