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Controlling moss in paddocks can be highly difficult  due to the potential danger to grazing animals from products that contain sulphate of iron. Too much iron can impact on the health of the horse and also change the soil chemistry, in excess, leading to ever poorer grass growth & coverage.

There is a safe option for children & animals that is new to the market. MossOff is ideal for the home & all mossy grass areas. It is made from natural, bio-degradeable ingredients. It does not use iron ingredients but horses should still be excluded from treated areas. Please phone for more information.

Moss Control for Paddocks

You can also treat moss in paddocks by encouraging light, drainage and airflow. This can be done by chain harrowing, draining boffy areas and remove overhanging trees to discourage shady areas.  Acid soils can also encourage moss growth so liming is recommended to raise the pH of the soil, but get a soil analysis kit to check before applying any fertiliser or pH changers. 

There are a wide variety of soil tests we can carry out, including specialised tests for heavy metals or grass blade quality, but a standard broad spectrum test is usually sufficient in most cases.

View more information on Paddock Soil Analysis

If the moss infestation is high it is also worth considering re-seeding your paddock after removing the moss through harrowing. View Progreen's range of grass seed for paddocks

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