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Sul-Fe - Blackens Moss & Greens Up Lawns

Sul-Fe is a great product for controlling moss in lawns.

Applied using a knapsack sprayer this sulphate of iron blackens up the moss and greens up the grass, without too much lush growth that can be prone to damage.

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£5.50 + VAT £6.60 inc VAT

Sul-Fe effectively controls moss in lawns and turf as it greens up grass and blackens moss in one go.

Active Ingredient:                    19% sulphate of iron
Coverage:                                Please click application rate tab above for full dilution rate information.
                                                 1kg pack covers <1000m2
                                                 4kg pack covers <4000m2
Key points:
  • Blackens moss and greens grass without lush growth
  • Remove moss once it has blackened by scarifying out

How to use:

  • Dilute Sul-Fe powder with water for application as a liquid, giving green lawns without lush grass growth
  • Fill container 1/3rd full, add required amount of Sul-Fe powder, agitate and top up to the required level with the remaining water needed
  • It is advisable to put the Sul-Fe powder in a permeable bag (an old sock or pair of tights is fine) to catch any undissolved sediment
  • Sul-Fe keeps well when sealed in the container and kept in a cool place
  • May stain hard surfaces


Application Rate

Sul-Fe Rates & Coverage Grams Sul-Fe per m2 Grams Sul-Fe in 20 L Knapsack Coverage per 20 L Knapsack 1 KG pack Covers 4 KG pack Covers
Spring Rate 1 g 500 g 500 m2 1000 m2 4000 m2
Winter Rate 2 g 1000 g 500 m2 500 m2 2000 m2

Please note applications in cold temperatures may delay the greening effect on turf and grasses. Do not apply in frost, snow or on frozen ground.

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

View FileSul-Fe 4 kg Safety Sheet    Size: (235.62 KB)
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