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Amvista Thatch GO 1KG - Naturally Reduces Thatch Layer in Lawns

Natural product to speed up decomposition of thatch, which means less physical work and reduced incidence of thatch borne disease and drought

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Lawn thatch is a layer of stems, roots and other debris that accumulates near the soil surface.  

A little bit is ok but left to accumulate, thatch can harbour fungal diseases,  limit root development and inhibit water penetration to the soil

Excessive thatch (greater than 1.5-2 cm thickness) means grass is more likely to struggle year-round with alternating drought & disease

Well-cared for lawns can be more prone to thatch than neglected lawns - Thatch GO helps speed up natural decomposition

Benefits of Thatch GO:

  • Thatch reduction without the need for mechanical or physical work also minimises disruption to your surface.
  • Speeds up natural decomposition of Thatch to keep up with fertilised lawns. Nutrients are released back to the soil
  • Used in sports turf maintenance and safe for home & garden too...
  • Improves wear tolerance and grass hardiness
  • Naturally occurring bacterial and fungal species in a unique, bespoke blend
  • Suitable for use in knapsack and tractor sprayers


  • Soil temperatures should be above 7°c before application
  • Maximum application rate is 1 kg per hectare (10,000m2)
  • Re-apply after 4 weeks if necessary on thick patches of Thatch

Dilution Rate

Apply as a powder dissolved in water 25g - 100g in 20 - 30 L water to cover 1000m2

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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