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Bumper 250 EC 1 L - Propiconazole

Bumper 250 EC broad spectrum systemic & contact fungicide for grassland and other major crops

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Effective fungicide for treatment of many diseases in a variety of crops and grassland

Use on permanent grassland for grazing and rotational (fodder) grassland

Treats: Leaf spot (Ramularia betae), Septoria tritici, Yellow rust, Brown rust, Powdery Mildew & others

Use under EAMU (Extension of Authorisation) on the following areas for treating white rust & leaf blotch:
Outdoor ornamental plant production, Protected ornamental plant production, garlic, onions, shallots and forest nursery

Key Points:

  • Broad spectrum systemic & contact fungicide
  • Controls the following diseases in grassland; powdery mildew, Rhynchosporium (leaf blotch) & crown rust
  • Read the label carefully for a full list of diseases controlled.

Application Guidance:

  • Apply at first signs of disease - usually early spring
  • Propiconazole is a part of the triazole family of fungicides
  • Adama Bumper® 250 EC is a triazole DMI fungicide. Be aware of resistance in some crops
  • Apply to cereals before early milky ripe stage
  • Apply to grassland at least 28 days before cutting

See also: Amistar & SB Invigorator for alternative fungicide treatments

Application Rate

Boom Spray ApplicationBumper 250 EC should be applied to all crops at 0.5 L/ha in a water volume of 100-200 L of water per hectare at 2-3 bar
Knapsack Application25 ml per 10 L water

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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